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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C039 - Industrial estate
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Change of shareholders' orientation
Buyer profil - Industrial wishing to set up a production unit in a favorable economic environment. This area takes part in every industrial activities (mechanic, textile, wood, sheet-metal working, ...)
Turnover - NC Bottom Line - NC Staff - 0 p.
Created - N.C Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - Roumania

Industrial Estate in ROMANIA


It is an industrial area at 100km of Bucarest in Romania (the old KOMBINAT has been renovated)

The actual head of is a french-romanian couple knowing perfectly the administrative machinery of the country.

They can eventually stay if the buyer is interested in.

 The workforce on the scene is qualified in various professions and can set up a first cadre on every activity.

The sale of this company include the walls and the land: Land of 24 000M ², fully enclosed, including 12,500 square meters of high-quality standards’ building .

Originally scheduled for the production of furniture, the company complies with all safety standards of a woodworking production.

 The site includes :

  • Production halls: 10 000 sq.m equiped with sprinklers. 
  • Mechanical workshop of 700 sq.m with machines and tools.
  • Fire premises and burried tank.
  • Hall of 260 sq.m for exposition or other practice.
  • Administrative unit of 4 floors (100m² with offices, kitchen,...renovation to complete)
  • Luxuous house, equiped for the head of : 300 sq.m on two levels.
  • Garages and various shops.
  • Studio and rooms for visitors.
  • Welcoming post and permanent security.
  • Substation.

The strenghts :

  •  Operational immediately for any production
  • High staff quality and low cost
  • Possible to be support by the Franco Romanian sellers for a period of time
  • Member of Europe Union