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RD094 - Health and Environment
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Motivation - This company wants to expand its structure to quickly reach a significant size in the market. It is looking for a company with a strong development potential favoring a broadening of its presence on its organic market or build-up with an expansion outside the borders.
Buyer profil - It is a family structure headed by an executive with over 20 years experience in the general and commercial management of major international industrial groups, particularly in the world of pharmacy and health.
Turnover - M€ 4 to M€ 10 Bottom Line - NS Staff - 20 p.
Created - Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - South

Health and Environment

Ideally located in the southern half of France, the businesses of the company are :

  • Distribution and / or
  • Trading and / or
  • Service and / or
  • Production / Manufacture and / or
  • Design
  • . . . 

On the following sectors :

  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Veterinary
  • Phytosanitary
  • Environment
  • Hospital
  • .......

Size in terms of numbers is not a determining factor.
The team consists of a few or more collaborators

Without being limiting, the target company may be, for example :

  • Pharmaceutical / Phytosanitary Laboratory,
  • Manufacturer of vaccine syringes,
  • A dispenser for isothermal bags for transporting blood,
  • Transporter and logistician for sanitary,
  • Manufacturer of aerosols, air purifiers,
  • Transformer of organic products,
  • Packaging of cosmetics
  • Hospitals / medical providers,
  • Negotiating medical equipment,
  • ........