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CC855 - Wood Processing
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Motivation - The shareholders of the company wishes to refocus on its core business.
Buyer profil - The buyer is :
- A professional in the wood industry who wishes to make external growth for a regional presence or to get business synergies.
- A person with knowledge of the wood processing industry would be a plus.
Turnover - 2 500 000 € Bottom Line - 150 000 € Staff - 13 p.
Created - More than 30 years Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - South East

Wood processing


The business of the company includes all stages of the first wood processing :

  • Picking over
  • Barking
  • Sawing
  • Stacking


The woods are divided according to their length and diameter, barked, sawn and scanned.

An optimization process makes it possible to obtain optimal use of the wood to produce end product directly exploitable by its customers.

These niche products are adapted to both standards and particularities to certain customers.


The production tool of the sawmill is completely turned and adapted to the niche market of products.


The team is composed of employees who have an expert knowledge of their activity and who are attached to the company.

The internal organization allows a very high reactivity and adaptability to the customers' request.


Its customers, very loyal and regular, are regional and international.

Close to highways and in the heart of the forest domains from where it drags its raw materials, it benefits from a strategic geographical location.


The company owns its walls and grounds.

The exploitation is carried out on a surface area of ​​more than 8000m².


The strengths of this company are : 

  • Autonomous structure and skilled team,
  • Stability and profitability,
  • Regional and international customer portfolio,
  • Location within forest domains,
  • Proximity to highways.