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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C092 - Inspections & Repairing heavy goods and and light vehicles
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - The buyer will be an individual with a technical culture, commercial skills and a good knowledge of the automobile environment. It can also be a similar company or a group wishing to get market share.
Turnover - € 950,000 Bottom Line - € 20,000 Staff - 9 p.
Created - 30 years Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - Rhône-Alpes (Loire)

Inspections (MOT) & Repairing heavy goods and light vehicles

"POIDS LOURDS ONDAINE"  diversified its activity by buying EQUIP'AUTO
François CLUZEL, Leader of Poids Lourds Ondaine, expands his company by the acquisition of Equip'Auto.

 Le gagnat est

This company provides the inspection, maintenance and repairing of heavy goods and light vehicles. 

The activities of this business are :

  • Heavy goods vehicles inspection :
    • TAnalogical and numeric tachygraph,
    • Speed limiter,
    • Fork-lift, 
  • Repairing of heavy goods and light vehicles specialized in :
    • Diesel,
    • Electricity, 
  • Shop of new components specialized in heavy goods and light vehicles :
    • Diesel,
    • Electricity,
    • Braking,
    • . . .

The company has been able to acquire a clientele on a local and regional market :

  • Private person,
  • Professionals (Garage, Carriers, Civil engineering, Motorcoach, Administration, . . .)

The company is located on a trunk road of a strategic town.

Its assets :

  • A team with recognized technical skills,
  • Un A profession of MOT (inspection) that meets regulatory obligations generating recurrence of turnover ,
  • Un A customer-portfollio stable and diversified,
  • Its position on a niche market with high differentiating value
  • Its geographical situation

Les The buildings, of about 1, 200m² (including housing) on a field of 2, 045m² can be transferred.