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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C105 - Business Equipments
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - The buyer may be an individual or a company. He must have a good sense of trade.
Turnover - € 2,600,000 Bottom Line - Not Filled Staff - 20 p.
Created - 1988 Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - Midi Pyrénées (Gers)

Business Equipments

Company specialized in equipment purchase through auctions and large batches of equipments. 
Thus, the company can equip businesses for all their basic needs with secondhand or new equipments. 
It sells products and effectuate related services.
Its products are divided in six major families :

  • Computing / Office 28 % of the turnover
  • Office furnitures 21 % of the turnover
  • Racks / Shelving 37% of the turnover
  • Fork-lift / Handling 12 % of the turnover
  • Professional equipments 1 % of the turnover
  • Equipment renting 1% of the turnover 

The company has a strong commercial activity. 
It relies on 10 marketing people and sales management. 
It also makes sales on Internet.
Customers, whose 75% are businesses, represent all activity sectors. The biggest customer account for only 1,8% of the turnover.
The assets of the company are : 

  • Its significant size
  • A structured, independent and competent team.
  • A national and regional market
  • Its commercial means and the stock

The premises of 3, 000 m² on a fiels of 16, 000 m² can be purchased.