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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C085 - Marina
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Health reason
Buyer profil - A couple who likes to get on touch with people, it is better to have skills in restauration and appreciate boating middle.
Turnover - € 110,000 Bottom Line - € 15,000 Staff - 2 p.
Created - 20 years Activity - HOTELS & TOURISM Area - Rhône Alpes (Loire)


The port of Bully,  a nautical leisure base

MENAUT-LOURTAS Francis, born in Basque countries, former senior executive of the automotive industry took over the marina of Bully. He wants to make it a leisure base on the water.


Le gagnant est ?

Based on an amazing touristic site,  in a case of verdure, this private port is established beside an awesome lake. It offers around 30km of walk and is also propitious to fishing.
The activity is essentially based on four points :

  • Boat space renting
  • Rent of motorboats and pedal boats 
  • Catering,
  • Bar ( licence IV)

It is for boats' owner, families, fishermen, tourists, etc.... It offers a matchless conviviality and a whiff of holiday all year long. 
The company doesn't owns the premices, it is a commercial lease type 3/6/9.