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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C101 - Drink-vending machines
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Limit of the assignor’s skills
Buyer profil - The company would perfectly suits to an individual with a development will or a firm having the same (or a complementary) activity.
Turnover - € 350,000 Bottom Line - N.S Staff - 6 p.
Created - 15 years Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - Rhône-Alpes (Loire)

 Drinks-vending machines

Le "Grand Roanne" takes the Color Café

The Color Café company, originally from the Rhône and specialized in automatic food distribution has just acquired, under the control of its president Philippe DUFFAU, a well-known name in the North of the Loire: "Roanne Distributeurs".

Le gagnant est ?

Explosion of the company turnover.
It installs, ensures maintenance and supplies :

  • Coffee/Fresh drinks and candies machine
  • Mixed candies/Fresh drinks dispensers
  • Sandwich dispensers , +3°
  • Fountain machine
  • Syrup machines

The clientele is local :
Maximum 55 km whose 90% are at less than 30km. There are 70 customers from about 75 sites.
- Industrial companies at 95% whose 85% have a worforce between 50 to 100 people
- Villages, recreation centers. . .
The company has the following advantages :

  • An excellent image with its customers through the quality of its service.
  • A precious customers file
  • A team of quality and trained
  • The perfect size for a manager or commercial to developp it
  • Control and advance of new technology,
  • Innovative products.

The company doesn't owns the premises of 320m² but they could be bought forward.