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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC312 - Production and trading of regional products
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Motivation - Health reason
Buyer profil - The buyer could be an individual with management and business skills or a firm looking for external growth.
Turnover - € 2,200,000 Bottom Line - € 20,000 Staff - 31 p.
Created - 25 years old Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - PACA (Vaucluse)

Product and trading of regional products

The firm is specialized in the distribution, the packaging and the production of regional products :

  • Plants,
  • Scent products,
  • Range of Cosmetics,
  • Food flavour.

These products are sought and they have a very high quality.

The firm has an extensive customer network, based on regional, national and international market. It presents in the following area :
  • Trade,
  • Restauration,
  • Hotel trade,
  • Gardenning,
  • . . .

Its human organisation is very structured, which permits to respond to business, production, packaging and delivery issues.

It has a real known and recognized image, on the market and regarding to its competitors.
The firm is based in an area very pleasant and close to its french suppliers. 
Its assets :
  • The rich range of products
  • A broad typology of customers
  • Image of the firm and its products,
  • Skills and expriments,
  • International niche market with high potential