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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC289 - Planning department - Office
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - The buyer could be a firm wishing to integrate to its organization the design part of the business or it could be an individual with high metalframed technical skills.
Turnover - € 950,000 Bottom Line - € 75,000 Staff - 12 p.
Created - 1998 Activity - SERVICES Area - Rhône-Alpes (Loire)

Planning department / Office

"The Phoebe-Ingenica Group buys the BE 42 Industriel Concept"

The Phoebe-Ingenica national group, chaired by Philippe ROMANO, has just acquired the BE 42 Industriel Concept engineering firm.

 Le gagnat est

It is a industrial planning firm, specialized in :
  •  Industrial metal structures,
  • Casing (design, production records),
  • Aluminium and metal locksmiths,
  • Trade and industrial buildings,
  • General installations and Industrial piping.

 It has a powerful computer park (10 CAD workstations networks, servers, softwares, internal and external backups). 

The firm gained a large customer network, with major groups, for the realization of industry fabrics, businesses, museum, train station, airport.
Its assets :
  • Diverse and institutional clients,
  • International and national presence,
  • Activities with a strong potential,
  • High and advanced techology,
  • Certificated technical skills.