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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C207 - Caterer for Companies and Local Communities
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Motivation - Other project
Buyer profil - The buyer is a firm wishing to make external growth or a individual having restauration skills.
Turnover - € 2,000,000 Bottom Line - N.S Staff - 29 p.
Created - 20 years Activity - FOOD Area - Alsace (Haut-Rhin)

Caterer for Companies and Local Communities

"RESTAURATION API offers the Alsatian MARANTA Traiteur Restoration" 

API, Group Lille collective catering specialist, founded by Jean DEBOSQUE in 1956, acquires Mulhouse MARANTA Traiteur.

Le gagnant est ?
The firm markets the following products :

  • Cold meals delivery, 
  • Hot meals delivery, 
  • Preparation and delivery of buffets et banquets. 

Currently, 1 500 meals are daily delivered, the capacity with the new way of production is 3 000 rmeals a day.

This year, 400 000 meals were served to forty clients with a turnover of approximately €1,600,000.

The customer base is mostly composed of retirement houses, schools, associations...

Concerning « banquet » : a turnover of 300 000 €.

The firm strenghts :

  • A know-how and a recognized name,
  • A standard and recent production tool,
  • Competent human resources,
  • The customer base,
  • The geographic location .

The recent production department is owned by the firm : 1 000 m² with european standards.