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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC358 - Institute of Training and Teaching Engineering
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - Training Institute who wants to do external growth or Investor in the domain of teaching engineering
Turnover - € 900,000 Bottom Line - € 175,000 Staff - 6 p.
Created - more than 10 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Nord Pas de Calais (Nord)

Institute of Training and Teaching Engineering

Institute of training with high reputation and leader on its market

Added values of the Institute :

  • A permanent team of teachers with strong university background
  • An intervention force near a population of middle managers and agents as well as near teaching teams
  • Specific training programs, customized for public and private sector
  • A permanent approach oriented teaching research & development through regular theoretical and technical contributions
  • Teaching methods always between case studies, exercises, team works, role-plays
  • An experience acquired after numerous years of activity

Commercial trends :

  • A portfolio of more than 300 clients all over France
  • An homogeneous turn-over distribution
  • A very good profitability

Assets :

  • The national reputation of the Institute
  • Teaching programs ready for the 4 coming years
  • An important client portfolio
  • The growing profitability 
  • Still unexploited ideas of diversification