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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C247 - Industrial Conveyors Engineering
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - The buyer is an international company active on the world conveyors market who plan to acquire a competitive advantage or a physical person with an engineer degree loving to work on advanced problems.
Turnover - € 225,000 Bottom Line - € 50,000 Staff - 1 p.
Created - 20 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Auvergne (Drôme)


"DES RIEUX SAS is getting stronger with the arrival of Laurent VALENTIN!"

Mr. Laurent VALENTIN entered the capital of DES RIEUX SAS in order to go with Mr. Marc des RIEUX in the development of the company.

Le gagnant est ?


Expertise company, of engineering services, assistance to Contracting Authority, conveyors specialist, for all type of applications (mining and quarries, steel industry, ports, IAA, chemistry, cements plants, car industry,…) all over the world.

The very special expertise of this company which come from R&D, permit it, in projects of classical conveyors, to have

 gains which can going up to 50% 

on manufacturing cost by leaving of the factory for the same productivity and a better reliability.

The company is holder of French Certificate of Qualification “OPQIBI” with the mention “Study of handlings complex installations” and it’s a member of CICF.

The company services are :

  • Engineering
  • Expertise
  • Technical and safety audit
  • Technical assistance and supervision
  • Assistance to Contracting Authority
  • Training
  • Marketing of metrology specific tools

The company have a partnership, for its R&D, with famous French engineering school and it has an internally software specialized “job”, unique in the world, on this problematic.

Their customers are the biggest international group and the building site are realized all over the world : Europe, Africa, Asia, America.

Assets for a positioning of international leader of conveyors :

  • A specific conception of conveyor which doesn’t exist in the market
  • A know-how transmission of technology which be ahead of the conveyors world
  • Important software and ressources/documentation
  • International references
  • Possible to relocate