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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC430 - Specific Training Institute
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - Training institute which want to make external growth or natural person who has a real experience on vocational training.
Turnover - € 750,000 Bottom Line - € 40,000 Staff - 7 p.
Created - 20 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Centre (Loiret)

Specific Training Institute

CERFHA strengthens and completes AFPIC Training

CERFHA, created by Christine PINON and Jean-Marie GENNA in 1982, joined the dynamic group AFPIC Formation chaired by Michel NEVEUX.

Le gagnant est ?

This company is vocational training institute, which is dedicated to a job.

She realizes mainly training for public and private institutions for public and private institutions but also for persons individually.

Its customers are situated all over the France and create a real competition.

The panel of trainings covers the whole business and is targeted for a well defined public.

All these services take place in the company's premise or in customers' establishments.

The team of permanent, high-level skills, possesses a real experience and expertise.

The siege is sheltered in very well made premises of 460 m ² (more 70 m ² of archive) with 12 parking spaces, and Possesses 4 trainings’ room, being able to welcome up to 70 trainees.
Belonging to the seller, they can be a part of the perimeter of the sell (in option).

Real assets:

  • A very well-balanced and solid customers portofolio
  • A healthy financial situation
  • A famous name in its environment
  • Equipments and appropriate educational means
  • Spacious and very adapted premises