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C036 - Prefabricated concrete elements
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Motivation - The Company reaches a stage. The entrepreneur is aware that she needs to have another organization, new ways and give a new diretction to continue its growth.
Buyer profil - First, the buyer must be a good business manager with solid commercial skills, and the knowledge of the environment is a plus.
Turnover - € 1,600,000 Bottom Line - € 100,000 Staff - 12 p.
Created - more than 30 years Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - Rhône Alpes (Loire)

Prefabricated concrete elements

Soutrenon concretes its futur

A perfect example of a successful trasmission, the producer of prefabricated elements, based at Pouilly-sous-Charlieu, is hencefotrh managed by Bruno ROSSO. 

Le gagnant est ?


This company manufactures and sell its own products: precast concrete. The client structure is very solid. The market is very buoyant. The park equipment is new.


Its markets are: agriculture, construction, industries, ...


The company own its walls: land 15,000 m², 1600 m² property with 150 m² of office.