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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC505 - Training in Personal Efficiency
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Other activities and preparation for retirement
Buyer profil - Training institute wishing to make external growth (large company portfolio and catalogue of specific training) or an individual who has real experience of professional training
Turnover - € 170,000 Bottom Line - € 20,000 Staff - 1 p.
Created - more than 20 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Franche-Comté

Training in Personal Efficiency

"MB FORMATION strengthens with the arrival of Alain GILLES!"

Mr. Alain GILLES returns to the capital of MB Formation to accompany Mr. Michel BERGEROT in the development of the company.

Le gagnant est ?

This company operates all over France for customized training in different fieldss :

  • Personal efficiency
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Stress Management
  • Delegating
  • . . .

Customers are mainly large companies in various industries :

  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Industry
  • Association of Medical Social
  • Hospital
  • Vocational school

Trainings are done INTER (with employees from different companies) : 60% of the turnover, or INTRA (a customized training for a specific company and its employees) : 40% of the turnover, in over 20 departments.

The team is essentially composed of independent professional teachers'.

The strength : 

  • Seniority & Image Quality
  • The portfolio recurring customers with high potential
  • Good % of INTER Training turnover which provide a good turnover stability
  • The seller easily replaceable
  • Simple relocation of head office