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CC599 - Web Trading of Paramedical Products
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Double activity
Buyer profil - The buyer may be a company that wishes to gain new customers as well as a new range of niche products and/or an internet selling technology at the leading edge of best practices. The buyer may also be a natural person with a developer and business profile and a strong skill of selling through the Internet.
Turnover - € 250,000 Bottom Line - N.C. Staff - 2 p.
Created - more than 10 years Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - South of France

Web Trading of Paramedical Products

The company occupies a niche positioning.

This trading company markets medical and paramedical products through its website and its shop, and is located in a large city.

It has a strong professional reputation on the Internet through several e-commerce websites.

It distributes through its various distribution channels all over France.

The company offers a very broad range of diversified products with more than 1,000 references to its credit from manufacturers known for their quality. Some of which are reimbursed by social security.

The deliveries take place within 24 to 48 hours throughout the country.

The company has partnered with many associations oriented towards medical and paramedical problems.

Its customer base consists mainly of individuals with a real medical or paramedical need.

The store has a floor space of 120m2, which make it possible to remain in contact and attentive with customers. This enables the company to develop its service offerings according to the local and national customer feedback via the Internet sales. 

The transferor, who is engineer by training, has put in place very good fundamentals at different levels:

  • the creation of the range of products,
  • its logistics
  • its website that has been completely rewritten on the latest web technologies

He could accompany the buyer during the takeover of the activity, and also provide a long-term accompaniment as an Internet referencing specialist.

The advantages :

  •  Medical and paramedical niche market
  • Products with strong added value
  • Range and depth of the offer
  • Geographic and strategic positioning
  • New generation website