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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC527 - Professional training institute
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Motivation - Retirement
Buyer profil - Training institute who wants to make external growth or a person with a real experience of professional training
Turnover - € 1,200,000 Bottom Line - NS Staff - 12 p.
Created - since 20 years Activity - SERVICES Area - East

Professionnal training institute

"David BOURREL secures his future by buying the company ACTESUR"

Mr. David BOURREL, acquires the company ACTESUR created and managed by Mr Thierry PLEIGNET.


This company is specialized in several areas of training : 

  • General security
  • Handling
  • High-rise work
  • Struggle against the fire
  • First Aid at Work
  • Agreements: electrical, chemical, nuclear
  • . . .

 It is an organization, IPRP, ISO and CACES certified, and it’s a partner of CARSAT. 

Customers are big companies as well as regional SME.

The training are made directly in customer premises or in modern and appropriate structures.

They are taught in a 100 km around the site fitted out (kitted out) with :

  • 2 cranes
  • Tracks for forklift drivers
  • Safety equipment
  • Special equipment for fire : house
  • . . .

The buildings of 1 500 m² on a ground of 1ha, are composed by : 800 m² of offices, 700 m² of workshop

Assets :

  • Quality of its training
  • Buildings adapted for the activity
  • Customer loyalty : B to B
  • Its team of permanent trainers
  • A strong regional reputation