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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC700 - Continuous profesionnal training and health and social training
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Motivation - The transferor has several activities and wishes to focus on its heart business.
Buyer profil - The buyer could be a society which wants to develop its business through external growth: to create synergies and diversify its products and strengthen its market share.It can be an individual who wishes to develop the business on existing structure.Or an independent consultant wishing to expand its offer with a human-sized company.
Turnover - € 45,000 Bottom Line - € 3,000 Staff - NS
Created - 2012 Activity - SERVICES Area - Var

Continuous profesionnal training and health and social training


The company provides training to companies and associations.
The proposed courses are short and specific professionalising.
Its activities are centered mainly on two areas:

  • Social & health facility
  • Professional training

The proposed themes are rich and diversified through a catalog of various services such as :

  • Management
  • Administrative
  • Professional Communication
  • Relational Communication
  • Self-Development
  • Office 
  • ...
  • Patient Environment
  • Specific knowledge
  • Gesture and posture
  • Social support
  • Diseases & handicaps
  • ...

Its clientele is composed mainly of SME regional operating in all sectors.
For health and social part, the company operates with hospitals, SSIAD, SAP, retirement homes ...
It has recognition in the area thanks to experienced and recognized trainers in their field.

Assets : 

  • Recognized trainers
  • Portfolio and client references
  • Custom Support
  • A strong regional reputation
  • Its range of services is large and quality