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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC828 - Wood Processing
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Motivation - The seller wishes to focus on another profesionnal activity
Buyer profil - The buyer is either:
- A professional of the wood sector
- A natural person with technical knowledge of wood processing.
Turnover - € 2,500,000 Bottom Line - €100,000 Staff - 15 p.
Created - More than 25 years Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - Sud Est

Wood Processing

The company's work includes both the first and second wood processing.

For the first wood processing, it covers the entire process of a sawmill, from the logs arrival 
to their cutting, adapted to second processing.

For the second wood processing, it carries out all operations (mechanical and treatment) to manufacture a finished 
product that can be used directly by its customers.

These niche products are suitable as well for standards as for specific customer requirements.
They are sold both for the French market and for the international market.
They comply with environmental and health standards.

The company owns a significant industrial tool able to absorb a strong turnover evolution.
Its organization allows it a very strong reactivity and adaptability to the demand.

Each team works together.

Close to the motorway network, and at the heart of the forest estates that are the source of its raw material,
it benefits from an excellent strategic location.

The lands (7 hectares) and buildings (2,750 m²) are part of the sale area.

The attractive features of this firm are: 

  • A first-class market positioning
  • A quality customer portfolio
  • A recurrent turnover thanks to regular customers
  • A team with real expertise
  • A tool in constant evolution.