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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC854 - Online Sales of Artistic Materials
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - New Opportunity et Departure
Buyer profil - The acquiring firm is a society which wants to realize an operation of external growth to:
- Increase its turnover by gaining new market shares.
- To diversify its clientele
- Set on a firm which has a real position on the Web and an operating logistic
- Natural person, which wants to invest itself in a company, to develop it, set on excellent economic fondamentals, and having :
- A management experience,
- A knowledge of Online sales
- With a sensivity to creative works and art
Turnover - € 920,000 Bottom Line - NS Staff - 10 to 15 p.
Created - more than 20 years Activity - TRADE AND DISTRIBUTION Area - PACA

Online Sales of Artistic materials

The society is favourably positioned in a niche market .

Leader in its region in its field, it is also the national leader of sales on Internet of a star product. 

This company trade art products through its marketing website and its store. 

The turnover is composed of two activities  :
The sales of own products
The trade of art products supplies

It offers a catalogue with a diversified range and thousand of references coming from very known brand for their quality.

The society distribues all over France, thank to its multiple distribution channels.

There is cohesion and dynamism in the team. There is a great team spirit and many talents in the staff.

Its clientele is mainly composed of individuals. The B to B market remains to be developped .

The premises are in a very great location, close to a big agglomeration, having a surface of 600m²,  in which there is the shop and the workshop.

It allows you to always stay in contact with your costumers and be aware of any of their demand. 

 To push forward the offer, at the same time at local and national level, by using the Online sales.

Advantages :

  • French Production
  • Leader on the regional Market
  • Skilled and qualified Staff
  • High Competences
  • Developed Website