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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC861 - Niche technical textile
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Motivation - Others profesionnals projects
Buyer profil - The buyer could be,
A lcompany that wishes to complete its range of technical products, and strengthen it by winning new parts of markets.

Or a physical person who has a culture of clothing and who wants to invest in a company to develop it, based on important fundamentals.
Turnover - € 350,000 Bottom Line - € 30,000 Staff - 2 p.
Created - More than 15 years Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - South East

Technical textile for people

The company is positioned in a niche sector in the distribution of clothing for adults and children.

In possession of several labels and recognition of a know-how, it enjoys an image of excellence among its customers.


The collections are designed in their own name or in white label

The range of products is wide and, is made from technical fabrics of very high quality.


The company has a reliable structure in the management of the production, storage and distribution process.

It relies on French and foreign suppliers for manufacturing.

It has established partnerships with major national brands and distributes its products throughout France.

Its custommers are:

  • Individual
  • Large accounts,
  • Specialized stores

The e-commerce site of the company has a very good SEO on the Internet.


  • A pioneering position
  • Recognized a niche sector
  • Quality products
  • Partnerships with major retailers
  • A very easy relocation
  • E- Commerce
  • Two licences of great renown