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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC917 - BtoB Training Center
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Motivation - At the dawn of his retirement, the manager wishes to anticipate the sale of his training organization.
Buyer profil - The buyer can be a training center willing to have an external growth in order to develop its client portfolio or diversify its services.
The buyer can also be a natural person desiring to lean on a structure benefiting from excellent fundamentals and strong roots in its region.
Turnover - € 570,000 Bottom Line - € 7,000 Staff - 5 p.
Created - > 25 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

BtoB Training Center

The company designs tailor-made training to support managers and employees in the development of their competences.

With its experienced team, the training organization offers suitable, effective Inter and Intra solutions in the following areas:

  • Languages
  • Traduction et Interpretation
  • Bureautic
  • Commercial,
  • Management
  • Management

The company is datadocked, Centified and prepare its clients for exams and competitions including the TOEIC.

In 2018 it trained more than 1000 trainees

A human size company which maintains direct contact with its customers, developing a relationship of trust and great responsiveness to their needs.

Its clients are SEMs and Mid-caps companies working in various activities :

  • industry
  • Medical
  • Institutions
  • Tertiary
  • Libral Professionals
  • Higher Education establishment
  • ...

The breakdown of the turnover of the company is as follows : OPCO/OPCA (75%), Companies (25%)

The premises benefit from a priviledged location both by their visibility and by their proximity to motorways.

The assets of the company are : 

  • Tailor-made training and active pedagogy
  • Experience and Expertise of the training team
  • Flexibility, Friendliness and Professionalism 
  • Great proximity with its clients
  • More than 25 years of activity
  • Certifiied NF Service
  • Excellent Location