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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
RE885 - BtoB Product Trading
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - External growth
Buyer profil - The buyer is a confirmed developer, is a leader in a niche area for equipment and consumables related to industrial activities throughout France.He wants to create synergies and / or geographical optimizations diversifying products to offer and / or contact new customers.His research is very active.
Turnover - K€ 150 to K€ 800 Bottom Line - NS Staff - NS
Created - NS Activity - SERVICES Area - FRANCE

BtoB Product Trading

The buyer wants to take over a company or a multi-card in a niche sector with real added value in order to optimize its travel.

The seller can be :

  • A brokerage firm
  • A brand agent
  • A trading company
  • A commercial company
  • ...

Commercialization is focused on industrial products or on company.

The list of examples of products is long, diverse and non-exhaustive:

  • Industrials filters
  • Tools
  • Chemical products
  • Business Services

The company may have regional, national or international customers.