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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC966 - Seller of specialized machine in plasturgy
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Unknown
Buyer profil -
- A company wanting external growth to optimize its costs and growth thanks to this servce.
- A group wishing to vertically integrate to be able to master its industrial transformation.
- A natural person having good essentials in this sector.
Turnover - > € 800,000 Bottom Line - NC Staff - 3 p.
Created - More than 30 years Activity - INDUSTRIES Area - Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne

Seller of specialized machine in plasturgy

It is a company specialized in the global solutions to the industrialists for specialized machine in the plasturgy.  

Its positioning is unique in France and in whole Europe. 

The company has developped its activity around the following main areas : 

  • Technical solutions architect
  • Sale of new, used and retrofit machines
  • Sale of parts and consumables

The creation of partnership around the world is essential in their objectives to supply to its clients the wider panel of solution as possible. 

Its clientele needs specific solution, from a company having a huge knowledge in the sector and in each specificities.

Driven by its experience and its knowledge, the company advises the purchase of some product/machine and brings solutions internally created by its engineers, to fill its clients' needs. 

The solutions' panel of the company spreads on the sectors:

  • Of the plasturgy
  • Of the agribusiness
  • Of the rubber processing
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Environmental
  • ...

With its long experience, it offers solution sfor each phase of the industrial transformation, and also takes action on the spot, according to its client's need.  

Its clientele is located in France, in Europe, and even expand to Africa.

The company is located at the juncture of several national and international highways,
nearby a train station and a airport, it can easily enjoy the opening toward the globe.  

Strengths : 

  • Business Expertize
  • Exclusive Agent of big actor of sector 
  • Skilled team  
  • Sensibility to environmental concerns
  • Good strategical location
  • Huge profitability