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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CD020 - Vocational training
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Motivation - The transferor wishes to anticipate his retirement.
Buyer profil - The buyer of this company can be :
• A natural person with appetite for human relations and wishing to take over an overseas training organisation,
• A training organisation, wishing to increase its turnover and extend its range of services by offering professional training.
It will benefit from its numerous certifications, accreditations, approvals.
• A group wishing to diversify and strengthen its business and to benefit from a strong foothold in a new geographical location in the French overseas territories.
The group will find business synergies through the different companies.
Turnover - € 1,500,000 Bottom Line - NS Staff - > 10 p.
Created - 15 years Activity - SERVICES Area - DOM-TOM


Vocational training 


The group owns several companies with synergies between them:

  • •  Vocational training organisation,
  • •  Equipment hire company,
  • •  IT development company. 


The training courses offered cover different areas of expertise:  

  • •   Accounting, management, HR, technical...
  • •   Communication and personal development, professional efficiency...
  • •  Safety of goods and people, hygiene and food safety, CACES...
  • •  Competence assessment
  • •  VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience)



The training courses are aimed at administrations, institutions and public and private companies.  

The training organisation also supports them in their personal and professional development:

  • •  Employed persons,
  • •  Jobseekers.

He possesses numerous certificates, accreditations and approvals.


The Company of hiring of machines rents the material allowing to dispense the trainings in the fields of the building and public works as :

driving forklift trucks, lifting trucks, construction equipment, etc.

The IT company develops software, websites, mobile applications, ...

The Group owns several SCIs which are included in the scope of disposal.


The strengths of the company are: 

  • •    Modern, high performance teaching tools,
  • •    Varied and comprehensive areas of training,
  • •    Training courses adapted to the needs and expectations of customers,
  • •    Trainers who are expert in their fields of expertise,
  • •    Numerous certifications.