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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CD131 - Training and Consulting
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Motivation - The seller wishes to sell his company in order to anticipate his retirement
Buyer profil -
- A natural person : More interested in human relations and wanting to take over a company with real expertise in training. He will rely on the solid fundamentals and expertise of the company.
- A company : Looking for external expansion deals in order to diversify or strengthen its training offer. With that deal, the buyer will find a company very close to its customer base, with good notoriety.
- A holding : Evolving in training or related businesses wishing to accelerate its growth and quickly increase its turnover, Evolving in related businesses to make an acquisition that meets its training needs, Wishing to strengthen its presence in the field of digital and e-learning, wishing to strengthen its expertise in the digital field.
Turnover - € 450,000 Bottom Line - € 50 000 Staff - 2 p.
Created - 20 years ago Activity - SERVICES Area - France

Trainings and Consulting

The company is specialized in supporting the development performance management in private and public companies through professional training and consulting.

The company deploys a network of professionals variously and complementary skilled and experienced who work the develop abilities and performance within the customer company.

The trainings are provided :

  • In intra / inter
  • In bended learning / e-learning
  • Face-to-face / online

 The company's activity is based on 3 areas of expertise and has a diversified range of training courses, some of which are certifying.
It holds numerous certifications.

  • Quantitative management (accounting, financial analysis, management...)
  • Human Resources Management
  • Training for trainers and tutors

 The company displays these individual and/or collective coaching solutions according to the customer's request and needs.

 Emphasis is made on an active and deductive pedagogy encouraging Thinking, Cooperation and Innovation

It wished to develop a Digital Offer in order to allow learners to participate in training courses mixing face-to-face and remote modalities.

The typology of the customers is declined around three poles :

  • Public sector
  • Social Security
  • Large-scale distribution / specialized distribution

 The company carries out actions aiming to Lower its Impact on the Environment by adopting a Sustainable Development approach

It operates throughout the French metropolitan territory and the DOM

The strengths of the company are : 

  • Relocatable company
  • High value-added training
  • A loyal and regular customer base
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Network of skilled and experienced partners
  • approvals and certifications