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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
C074 - Call Center
Photos for illustration, non-contractual !
Motivation - Refocusing on hi score profession
Buyer profil - A company wishing to develop or to reinforce its call center. Or a concurrent wishing to diversify its offer or to increase its production capacity.
Turnover - € 1,000,000 Bottom Line - in bonis Staff - 1 p.
Created - N.C Activity - SERVICES Area - Maghreb

Call center in MOROCCO

It is a call center dedicated to the Customer Relation Management from afar on behalf of a thierd party. 
 It optimizes the phone tool and its connections with computing and other media.
Its assets :

  • Un A call center delocalized in Morocco enables to take advantage of a significant cost reduction: 30 to 50% cut compared to the french market
  • An attractive taxation policy for foreign investors 
  • Strategic geographical situation in town center
  • Wide and ultramodern platform with 220 positions well equiped with technological means
  • High quality service: functional, precise and controlled procedures, precise and detailed reporting tools.
  • Latest solutions and material
  • High qualified workforce (two years' higher education at minimum) trained for sale technique
  • Expérience and management expertise

The company doesn't owns its premises : The local surface is 1 000 m² whose: 800 m² are for operating and the other 200 m² for the office.