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Ad Res ConseiL is a Business Management Consulting Firm, specialized in M&A
CC476 - Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance
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Motivation - Close to retirement, the associate director wishes to pursue other activities closest to its affinities. All partners want to sell all of their shares.
Buyer profil - The buyer is a group, already established or not in the same industry, that wants to consolidate its reputation, leadership and limit competition through acquisitions and strategic positioning (takeover of 40% regional market share).It also could be :- An operator wishing to diversify its activities. Such an operation would allow a manager of big commercial or professional areas, which currently outsource this function, to make economic gains. - Foreign investors looking for a solid base to conquer the French market
Turnover - € 10,000,000 Bottom Line - € 500,000 Staff - 375 p.
Created - more than 20 years Activity - SERVICES Area - Monaco

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

A cleaning company in MONACO changes owner

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The company’s main activities are :

  • Industrial Cleaning, Maintenance, Cleaning of buildings and Specific & technical maintenance

 The company has about 40% of the regional market share.

The company is a regional market leader.

The company has a portfolio of over 300 customers, including three quarters of private sector customers.
There is a good distribution of the turnover.

This is a regional business, with a strong management involvement.

The strengths of this company are :

  • Its seniority
  • A good growth rate in a competitive market
  • Renowned clients
  • A real quality approach